Pirelli tyres

Pirelli tyres not only offer performance, but also give the driver a feeling of ‘communication’ with the road, leading to a better understanding of your car.

Formule 1

Formula 1 cars race on
Pirelli tyres.

Original assembly

Entrusted by the leading car manufacturers.

Extended range

Available in summer tyres, winter tyres and all season tyres.


Pirelli is a large manufacturer of tyres for passenger cars, trucks and motorcycles. Pirelli has grown into a worldwide known (car) tyre manufacturer. With more than one hundred years of experience in the field of tyre technology, Pirelli combines safety, durability, comfort and attention to the environment in its products. Pirelli is among the top five largest tyres manufacturers in the world.

Performance and design

Pirelli is a company that likes to engage in the design, development, production and marketing of tyres, in order to offer the most unique range of tyres. Pirelli is also the main supplier of tyres in Formula 1.


  1. Among the top five largest tyre manufacturers in the world.
  2. The brand is at the forefront of technological progress through tremendous partnerships.
  3. Excellent quality for ultimate performance.

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