By T.T.I. Tyre Trading International taking a majority interest in Van Aalderen Twen-Tyre B.V. in Enschede, both family owned companies will work under one roof. In a figurative sense, as both companies will keep working independent from each other. The new alliance gives Twen-Tyre the ability to profit from the large-scale purchase power of T.T.I. The customers will have the benefit from their well-known ‘four times a day delivery’, and now also have a wider range to choose from.

The takeover of Twen-Tyre is the next step in T.T.I.’s consistent growth strategy, which guides the company already since 2015. Next to improvement of the company results by streamlining internal processes and lower the costs, entering into strategic alliances with peers is also an integral part of the business strategy. According to Peter-Alexander van’t Hof, the fourth generation leading the company, an alliance with strong peers with the same backgrounds and business value is a condition to support suppliers and better serve its customers. “T.T.I. and Twen-Tyre will complement each other in offering brands and products”, as Van’t Hof mentions. “The customers of both companies will experience an even better service than before.”

The relations of Twen-Tyre will benefit greatly in the near future. The stock is vastly expanded and the prices will be very competitive. Their strong delivery service will remain unchanged.