Avon Tyres strengthened their distribution in the Benelux, north-Germany and the Ruhr area by assigning T.T.I. Tyre Trading International, based in Numansdorp in the Netherlands, as their official tyre importer.

Owner Peter-Alexander van’t Hof celebrates this year the existence of T.T.I. and the experience gained over the past 30 years. The company is an established family owned business for four generations. T.T.I. offers a 24-hour service to its customers in the Benelux and north-Germany from their own warehouse in Numansdorp and two other locations: Van Aalderen Twen-Tyre in Enschede in the Netherlands and Reifen Kraft werk GmbH in the Ruhr area in Germany.

The brand Avon Tyres has a rich history and is considered to be a European premium tyre brand, because of its prominent role in the motorsport and original assembly for the British niche brands Caterham, Lotus, Rolls Royce, Bentley and TVR.

Van’t Hof mentions: “The brand Avon tyres is a great addition to our business”. The European range offers premium products with A-labels for perfect grip on wet surfaces. This is being supported by an excellent service and a refreshing new marketing campaign. We are looking forward to work together with Avon Tyres and expand our mutual activities. Especially because the strategy of Avon Tyres is different than we have experienced with other brands.”

Margin becomes crucial
Together with Avon Tyres, T.T.I. has created a strategy to control the flows of the internet. With this strategy the customers can earn their share on the tyres as well. Customers that want to participate can become a dealer for T.T.I. “Sell it yourself, protect the region, tell an honest story and put the margin into your own pocket”, as Van’t Hof summarizes.

Avon is on the move
The European sales director of Avon Tyres, Jaap van Wessum says: “Avon Tyres attract several new distributors across Europe. The combination of our new products, marketing campaign, social media activities and our British heritage makes Avon Tyres an attractive brand. We are more than happy with the enormous amount of interest in our brand and with the nomination of T.T.I. Tyre Trading International, Van Aalderen Twen-Tyre and Reifen Kraftwerk GmbH (in the Benelux, north-Germany and the Ruhr area) and the many other distributors across Europe.”

You can also become a dealer of Avon Tyres and experience the benefits:

  • Avon Tyres is an European manufacturer with a rich history since 1885.
  • Avon Tyres delivers almost all of its tyres with an A-label for perfect grip on wet surfaces. Safety is, and will always be, one of its main focus points.
  • Avon is a premium brand with control over its online sales, in order for you to turn the current price structure into a healthy margin.
  • T.T.I. works with a dealer system based on price differentiation. You have a clear purchasing advantage compared to regular customers.
  • T.T.I. and Avon Tyres offer a savings system to save for great prizes, like a visit to the factory in England, or a visit to a Derby County soccer match.
  • Avon Tyres provides the original assembly to the luxury cars of Lotus, Rolls Royce, Caterham, Bentley en TVR.
  • Avon Tyres is the biggest supplier of race and rally tyres across the world.