Falken tyres

The foundation for the technology and development of Falken high performance tyres and their exceptional drivability originates from the motorsport.


Excellent products which comply to the highest quality standards.


Technology and development form the foundation for new possibilities.

Extended range

Available in summer tyres, winter tyres and all season tyres.


The Falken brand was introduced to the market by the Osaka-based company Tyres and Rubber Industries in 1993, with the aim of creating a strong marketing platform for their new high performance tyres. The brand was introduced in Europa in 1988. All Falken tyres belong to the sports category and have an extremely positive image, thanks to Falken’s tremendous dedication to the motorsport.

Highlighted Falken tyres

The experience of Falken, in combination with new results gained by the motorsport, is continuously translated to the ‘street’, with excellent products that meet the highest quality standards as a result.

Euroall Season AS200

Azenis FK510

Eurowinter HS01

Eurowinter VAN01

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