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Are you looking for a reliable wholesaler for oldtimer and classic car tyres? Then TTI Tyre Trading would like to welcome you as a customer! Together with you, we would like to look at the possibilities of realising a fruitful cooperation. Fill in the details below and we will contact you quickly and without obligation.

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Our webshop is user-friendly, fast and reliable. And, of course, open 24/7.

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Benefit too. By purchasing large volumes, we achieve very competitive prices.

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Fast delivery thanks to advanced conveyor system with a length of 8 km.

The wholesaler for classic car tyres - TTI Tyre Trading

TTI Tyre Trading: For all your classic car tyres

TTI Tyre Trading is your trusted address for classic car tyres. From the fifties to the eighties, from luxury sports cars to affordable mass products and from fat American to elegant Italian, we have the right tyres for you from the specialised brands Avon, BFGoodrich, Michelin, Pirelli and Vitour. We keep large stocks of all these brands and models, with competitive prices and high margins. Besides tyres for old-timers and classics, TTI Tyre Trading also has tyres for all popular modern cars.

Easy ordering

In our webshop you will find an overview of our wide and competitively priced range of oldtimer tyres 24/7. Log in with your personal details and order your oldtimer tyres quickly and easily. No login details yet? Then please register here.

Fast delivery

TTI Tyre Trading delivers quickly and accurately. In the Greater Rotterdam area and West Brabant the same day, twice a day. Outside these regions, orders are delivered one day after ordering by our logistics partner Parts Express. If desired, you can also use their night distribution.

What are classic car tyres?

According to the officially valid government definition, ‘classic cars’ are cars older than thirty years. Since the cars that have this age thus cover the entire automotive history and all continents, the demand for suitable tyres is therefore unprecedentedly diverse. TTI Tyre Trading therefore supplies various brands with different specialisations. British (sports) cars? Then you must have Avon. Classic Porsches and Ferraris? Pirelli has the officially coded tyres. Fat Americans? BFGoodrich has the right sizes and models. Popular classic French and German midsize cars? Michelin has the matching rubbers. And at Vitour too, the chance of not succeeding is very small; Vitour carries the original sizes from the sixties, seventies and eighties in particular, with a matching authentic look.

BFGoodrich Radial T/A RWL - TTI Tyre Trading

BFgoodrich Radial T/A

Michelin XDX - TTI Tyre Trading

Michelin XDX

Vitour Galaxy R1 Radial GT classic car tyres - TTI Tyre Trading

Vitour Galaxy R1

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TTI Tyre Trading has a very wide range of classic car tyres in stock from specialised brands such as Avon, BFGoodrich, Michelin, Pirelli and Vitour.

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