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The Avon brand has a rich history and is considered a real European premium brand, due to its prominent role in the motorsport.


Excellent products which comply to the highest quality standards.

Original assembly

Entrusted by the leading car manufacturers.

Extended range

Avon tyres are available in summer and winter tyres.


Avon Tyres is a true British tyre band with a very rich history since 1885. Avon produces tyres from 10 inch up to 21 inch. Almost all tyres have an A-label for grip on wet roads. Safety is their most important criteria. Avon is also the largest supplier of race- and rally tyres in the world and is OE supplier of car brands like Lotus, TVR, Triumph, Caterham and others. In short: top quality!

Highlighted Avon tyres

Avon has more than a century of experience in the development of tyres with the latest design- and production technology. Add this combination to a strict test regime and you understand why Avon’s tyres are of unrivaled quality.

Avon ZT7

Avon ZV7

Avon ZX7

Avon ZZ5

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